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Erin, Orangeville, Mono, Shelburne, Grand Valley, Ontario and parts of Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

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We know you want to get rid of your unwanted car that is just taking up space on your property. Let’s get rid of your old car today and make a space for your new car. There are many ways to get rid of your scrap car such as by donating your old car to registered charities, selling your old car or selling your old car to auto recyclers in your area Orangeville, Ontario. We are one of scrap car buyer companies and we will let you get rid of your car in Orangeville, Mono, Erin, Shelburne and Grand Valley, Ontario area.

Junk Car Removal Orangeville help you to get rid of your car and trade it for cash. It does not matter if your car runs or dead; we have cash value for your scrap car. We accept all kinds of vehicles including trucks, vans, mini vans and cars. If you do not know where to dump your junk car then we have the answers and we know what to with your junk car.


We always try our best to give you maximum cash value for your scrap car. We will give you best scrap car removal experience.

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You will get rid of you car with us without any hassle and fully happy with our service. We come to your location to tow your scrap car.

  • You decide you are annoyed of looking at that ugly scrap car on your place or perhaps you are displeased of dealing with neighbor complains about your piece of junk, old car.
  • You call us to ask roughly our cash for clunkers program or use our on-line request form and see how much we can offer for your junk car.
  • One of our friendly automobile estimators will ask you couple of questions regarding your junk car and offer you cash for your junk car and free tow.
  • We will tow your scrap car to our junkyard and recycle it.
  • We will provide you a bill of sale that will be acceptable with your insurance company.
  • Put cash in your pocket for your car.
  • We pay you cash even before hooking up your car.
  • We are your local scrap car buyers
  • Sell your car to a local buyers in your area
  • Within an hour scrap car pick up
  • easy scrap car sale and purchase process


Junk Car Removal Orangeville just a call away. Please click (647)800-8216 to get started.

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